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Massage therapist (former)

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Only appearance

Model Behavior

Portrayed By

Nadia Bjorlin


Alana is a woman Ben briefly dated.


Dating BenEdit

Ben met Alana when she came to his table to borrow salt. They later started dating, but Ben figured out quickly that their relationship was only sex and couldn't be sustained long-term. Regina said it was okay to give it a few more dates because of how hot she is. Knowing how shallow it was, he talked to Oliver about it and agreed to let Oliver dump Debbie and in exchange, he got relief from the guilt of continuing to sleep with Alana.



Alana briefly dated Ben after they met at the diner. Their relationship was mostly sex, which left Ben emotionally unsatisfied.

Career Edit

She spent some time as a massage therapist, but she tired of rubbing people every day.

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