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Temp worker


New York Monthly

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Doctor of the Year

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Deanna Wright


Allison is a girl Ben briefly dated.


Ben found a pair of women's underwear in his laundry. Soon after, Allison came to the door saying she thought she might have left a few things when she used the dryer before him. Ben handed over the underwear.

Allison then introduced herself to Oliver and told him that he was named one of the top doctors of the year by New York Monthly. However, it quickly became clear that it could be any of the four doctors in the family.

Later, Ben talked to Allison again and asked her to be his date to his father's party. However, because he'd been tricked by Oliver and Regina into suspecting that Jack Arbogast was really his father, he was distracted and spent the whole night ignoring Allison as she told him several things, which led him to call her crazy and say that it was great that her ex-boyfriend always ignored her. She left when she realized he wasn't paying any attention to her.




She had an ex-boyfriend she always believed was ignoring her, so she broke up with him.

Ben BarnesEdit

She went on one date with Ben, to his father's party. It ended poorly because he was distracted and spent the evening mostly ignoring her.


Allison did a temp job at New York Monthly, where she saw that a Dr. Barnes from St. Ambrose Hospital had been named one of the top doctors of the year.

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