Carla Munson
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St. Ambrose Hospital

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Doctors Without Bidders

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Rebecca Budig


Carla Munson is a radiologist who dated Regina Barnes.


Carla met Lydia at a hospital luncheon. Lydia liked her, so she decided to set her up with Regina. However, Ben and Oliver reminded her that her setting Regina up with women has always made Regina not like them, so she hatched a plan to do it stealthily, by having Oliver hit on her and then when he got rejected, set her up with Regina.

Regina and Carla hit it off and went to the charity auction together, where Regina bid on a romantic date with a guy on his yacht with the intention of taking Carla. When Regina found out that Lydia had secretly set them up, she pretended not to be into Carla and Carla overheard and left abruptly.



Carla dated Regina Barnes. They'd been set up by Regina's mother, without Regina knowing. When she found out Lydia had set them up, she tried to get her mom back by acting like she didn't want to be with Carla anymore, but Carla overheard and thought she was serious and left. Lydia later spoke to Carla to try to convince her to give Regina another chance.


Carla is a radiologist at St. Ambrose Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was in a national medical fellowship.

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