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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. And Do. And...

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Annie Wersching


Conner is a pharmaceutical sales rep who flirted with Regina Barnes.


While working at the hospital, Conner saw Regina and flirted with her. They set a date for the evening and Regina gave Conner her number.

They went on a date.

Regina saw Conner at the hospital when her father was having surgery and decided to tell her she got a beach house for them to use. She found out that the man with Conner was Dana, the ex, who turned out to be a man. Regina was just an experiment for her.




When Conner met Regina, she said that she'd just gotten out of a relationship with Dana. Later, when Regina saw Conner at the hospital, Dana was there. Dana was a man and they were back together.

Regina BarnesEdit

Conner went on one date with Regina after they met at the hospital. Regina said it went well and planned to see Conner again, but when she went to talk to Conner about it, she found out that Conner had gotten back together with her ex-boyfriend.


Conner is a pharmaceutical sales rep.

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