Cynthia Boyd
Biographical information


Family information

Kenneth Boyd

Professional Information

Board Chair


Children's Literacy Fund

Character information
Only appearance

You Win Some, You Use Some

Portrayed By

Mary Anne McGarry


Cynthia Boyd is the board chair for the Children's Literacy Fund, a charity Lydia is involved in.


When a seat on the board for the Children's Literacy Fund became available, many different members started sucking up to her in order to vie for the spot. Lydia herself pretended to be closer to Regina and more involved with LGBT rights than she is when she found out that Cynthia's son is gay.

She invited Cynthia and her son to a party in order to continue to suck up to her. She had Regina play up the lesbian stereotype, but when Regina caught on to what Lydia was doing, she pretended to be straight.



Cynthia is very close with her son, Kenneth. Because her son is gay, she is heavily involved in issues of gay rights.

Career Edit

She is the board chair for the Children's Literacy Fund.

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