Enid Kolodny
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Losing Patients

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Brooks Almy


Enid Kolodny is the IRS auditor who audited Stewart and Lydia.


When Stewart and Lydia found out they were being audited for the last year they were married, they scrambled to get together all the information the needed for their audit. When they did that, the found out that when one of Regina's girlfriends had done their taxes, she'd claimed Monty as a dependent. Enid arrived to do the audit and they were nervous about her finding out that Monty was actually a dog. When Enid informed them that the audit was a result of random selection and not a particular infraction, they did their best to keep her from discovering that Monty was a dog. When Monty jumped on her lap, she started sneezing heavily because she's allergic to dogs. Regina took the opportunity to drug Enid, causing her to pass out in the chair. When she came to, she finished the audit without incident and left.


Enid is an auditor for the IRS. She audited Stewart and Lydia Barnes for the last year they were married.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She is allergic to dogs.

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