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Losing Patients

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Todd Stashwick


Frankie is the boyfriend of Roberta.


Frankie sent his girlfriend, Roberta, to get breast implants for Easter. While she was at the office, she changed her mind after she asked Ben for his opinion on her breasts. He convinced her that instead of breast implants, they should come see him for counseling. They did and worked on their issues. However, Frankie became jealous when Oliver started calling Roberta, begging for her to come back and get her breast implants because he was upset that Ben had stolen her as a patient. He came to their apartment to beat Oliver up, but Ben and Oliver pretended to be gay in order to avoid his wrath. Before Roberta and Frankie left, Roberta said she'd be getting the breast implants anyway because Ben's not really an expert on breasts.




Frankie is very possessive of his girlfriend. He bought her breast implants for Easter and became very jealous when Oliver called her begging her to come back after she bailed on her breast implants. Frankie also had a man beat up for asking Roberta for change for the meter.


His father is in prison. He visits him every week.

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