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Restaurant Row

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Valerie Curtin


Frieda is Lydia's hypochondriac cousin.


Ned's FuneralEdit

When Frieda spotted her cousin, Lydia, at their uncle's funeral, she cornered her and tried to get Lydia to diagnose her many symptoms. Lydia tried to excuse herself from the situation, saying that a funeral wasn't really a good place for it, but Frieda persisted. Regina later agreed to take Frieda home so she could leave the funeral early, but Frieda found out she works in the ER and trapped her into running several unnecessary tests, keeping them there all day. Regina said there was nothing wrong with her except a rash, which Regina caught from her.



Frieda is a hypochondriac and latches onto the doctors in her family, trying to get them to diagnose her many mystery ailments.

Uncle Ned was said not to have liked her.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Uncle Ned left her his Porsche.

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