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Doctor of the Year

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. And Do. And...

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James Naughton


Jack Arbogast is Stewart's professional rival who also dated Lydia.


Rivalry with StewartEdit

When Oliver and Regina were little, Jack and Stewart were sort of friends, but Stewart was always jealous because a part of him believed that Lydia would have chosen Jack if he had asked her out first. Stewart says he was just lucky that he met Lydia three months earlier.

He also applied for a job in Boston that Stewart had wanted and got it over him.

Return to St. AmbroseEdit

Thirty years later, Jack returned to St. Ambrose. He was invited to Stewart's party that he threw after being named a top doctor of the year. He also started seeing Lydia and they went to the party together.

At the party, Jack grabbed the crowd with tales of his time in the Peace Corps, much to Stewart's frustration. Jack also entertained his guests by playing piano and singing for them when the pianist couldn't make it. ("Doctor of the Year")

Operating on Stewart and Breaking Up with LydiaEdit

Trouble started between Lydia and Jack when Jack became annoyed at Lydia making them miss the start of a show by insisting on taking a shortcut. Stewart was at Oliver and Ben's apartment when Lydia and Jack came in. Jack examined Stewart and said he needed surgery. Jack was called on to do the surgery when another doctor became sick. Lydia looked over Jack's plan for the surgery and they fought and broke up. ("Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. And Do. And...")



Lydia BarnesEdit

When Jack came back into town to start working at St. Ambrose Hospital, he started seeing Lydia. They went to Stewart's party together for their third date and left together at the end of the night. ("Doctor of the Year")


Stewart BarnesEdit

He and Stewart are professional nemeses. ("Doctor of the Year")


He's a gastroenterologist. He's long been a professional rival of Stewart's.

Notes and TriviaEdit


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