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Kathy Kelly is a childhood friend whom all three of the Barnes kids liked.



When she and the Barnes kids were children, they often played together while at their beach houses. When they got slightly older, the Barnes kids all developed crushes on her. The boys did silly things to attract her attention while Regina was more direct and just wrestled with her, though Kathy didn't know at the time she was gay.

Ned's FuneralEdit

Kathy came to Uncle Ned's funeral and was reunited with the Barnes siblings. She noticed that Ben and Oliver still dress alike, though they pretended it was a coincidence and that they rarely saw each other anymore. The two of them spent some time with Kathy and each of them though the other brother was the third wheel. Kathy called their apartment and left a message, asking one of them to go on a date with her, but not to bring his brother. Each of them though the message was for him and so they both showed up and with some devious help from Regina, they were dressed alike. Kathy showed up at the restaurant and was confused that they were both there. She figured out what had happened and left in anger, refusing to say which of the brothers she actually liked.



Kathy agreed to go on a date with one of the Barnes brothers. However, because they lived together, they didn't know which one and each assumed it was him. When sh showed up and found both of them there, she left after refusing to tell them which one she liked.


Kathy and the Barnes kids lived next door to each other as children. Each of the Barnes kids had a crush on Kathy, but she never gave the boys the time of day. She did, however, wrestle with Regina.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She called Ben and Oliver Boliver.

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