Lou Pimsky
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Lou Pimsky was a patient of Ben's whom Oliver also treated.



Lou Pimsky was a patient of Ben Barnes. He had many relationship woes and Ben disliked how much he tried to talk casually with Ben when he saw him out in public. On one such instance, he spent some time talking to Oliver after Ben dodged him and Oliver talked him into spending less money in other places in order to afford plastic surgery. That led to Lou quitting therapy.

Plastic SurgeryEdit

After talking to Oliver in the diner, Lou decided to have plastic surgery to reduce the size of his nose. After his surgery, he reported positive feedback, saying he was going on a date.



Lou tried online dating, but when he met up with the woman, he said she was nothing like her picture.


Ben BarnesEdit

Lou was a client of Ben Barnes. Ben said that Lou blurred the lines between friend and patient and so he avoided him when he saw him in public.

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