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Housekeeper (former)

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Guilt Trip

Portrayed By

Ethel Ayler


Maria was the Barnes family's housekeeper.


Maria was turning 80 and Lydia decided to bake a cake and drive up to visit her for the event. She guilted the rest of the family into joining her. When they arrived, Maria was sleeping, so they decided to wait a bit to see if she'd wake up on her own, taking time to set up the cake Lydia had baked first. While the rest of the family was away, Ben accidentally upset Maria's roommate, Doris. The resulting commotion woke up Maria.



Maria was close to the Barnes family as she had worked with them for many years. When she turned 80, they visited her in her nursing home.

Career Edit

Maria worked as the Barnes family's housekeeper for many years until she retired.

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