Mary Tesh
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Diner Girl



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St. Ambrose Hospital

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do. And Do. And...

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Bridget Flanery


Mary Tesh is a new anesthesiologist at the hospital who briefly dated Oliver Barnes.


Mary approached Oliver and Ben to borrow a chair from their table at the diner. While she was there, she flirted with Oliver, whom she recognized at the hospital, using a very cheesy pickup line. She asked him to show her around and asked for his number. Once she got the number, she left without taking the chair.

Oliver and Mary went on a date, but after they had sex, she left abruptly, saying she'd gotten what she came for.

Mary was assigned to be Stewart's anesthesiologist. Before his surgery, Mary came in while fighting with Oliver, who had offered to take her out to the beach house. She had a less than thrilled reaction, which upset him. The two of them fought and Mary ended things.



Mary briefly dated Oliver. While they were together, she shocked him by taking the aggressor role, initiating sex and not being all about feelings. However, this backfired when she didn't have the reaction he was hoping for when he invited her to the beach house. The two of them fought about it and then Mary broke up with him.


Mary is an anesthesiologist who is new to St. Ambrose Hospital.

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