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If These Floors Could Talk

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Fred Dryer


Michael Devlin is a man who dated Lydia Barnes.


Michael and Lydia went on a date. Three weeks later, Lydia wasn't sure what had happened. Her sons told her Michael was waiting for her to call. She did and set up a date with him.

They sat in her apartment having a drink of wine. While they were there, Ben and Oliver sneaked in in order to take back a snow globe they'd stolen over 20 years prior, not knowing that Lydia and Michael had decided to stay in.

They interrupted again and Lydia pushed them out. Michael offered to make her French toast, but they were interrupted again by Crystal. Ben and Oliver came back to get the snow globe and ended up hiding in a closet. Stewart then showed up to confront Crystal, but then Regina showed up to get a sweater to wear after having beer spilled on her. They discovered the boys hiding in the closet, but Regina had fallen asleep on the couch. Everyone but Regina left, and Michael and Lydia went out to dinner.



He dated Lydia. They had one date and three weeks went by with her calling him to set up the next one. When she was informed she was supposed to, she called him and they went on a second date.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • French toast is the only food he makes well.

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