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Norma was Stewart's receptionist until she retired.


Working for StewartEdit

Norma was Stewart's receptionist for 30 years until she eventually retired.

Visiting Stewart and LydiaEdit

Norma had a very short layover in New York on her way to Europe and decided to visit Stewart and Lydia very briefly. When she arrived, it became clear that she didn't know they were divorced, so they pretended to be still together to spare her feelings. She ended up staying longer than she planned when she slipped on a banana peel and injured her knee. Lydia rebooked her flight for the next day and Norma stayed the night.

The next morning, Norma was feeling better, so she went for a walk. When she got back, she said goodbye because her cab was waiting downstairs. She suggested that she stop by to visit them on her way back home because there was no rush to go back home, but in order to avoid another awkward situation, Lydia admitted that they'd gotten divorced.



While working for Stewart and after, she had a good relationship with Stewart and his family. She even carries around pictures of her kids and brags about them as if they were her own.

Career Edit

She was a receptionist for Stewart until she retired.

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