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Sharon is a woman who dated both Regina and Oliver.


Thanksgiving 1998Edit

In 1998, Sharon was dating Oliver. He brought her to Thanksgiving dinner, not knowing she was secretly also dating his sister, Regina. The truth came out when Regina and Sharon were found kissing in the kitchen.

Thanksgiving 1999Edit

Regina and Sharon continued dating for the next year and Regina brought Sharon to Thanksgiving in 1999. They got in a fight when Sharon accused Regina of checking out another woman.



Sharon dated Oliver Barnes. While they were dating, they hung out with Regina and the two women shared a cab home, where they learned they had a lot in common and started dating. Their relationship lasted over a year and the next year, Regina invited her to Thanksgiving dinner.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • While they were dating, Oliver gave her diamond earrings, which she then gave to Regina.
  • She made a sweet potato dish for Thanksgiving.

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