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The Truth About Nerds & Dogs

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Hot Water

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Carson Elrod


Ted is one of Ben's friends whom he has known since they were in high school.


Reunion with Ben and ArthurEdit

While he was married to Naomi, she didn't allow Ben to indulge in his nerdier pastimes. So after Naomi left him, Ben was excited to get to hang out with Arthur and Ted again. ("The Truth About Nerds & Dogs")

Valentine's DayEdit

Ted came over on Valentine's Day to watch the Planet of the Apes re-make with Ben. When Ben left to deliver a message to Crystal, Ted hung around and eventually convinced Lydia to sit down with him and have a drink. However, when he started to come on to her, she pushed him off and made it clear that she's not interested in him. He gave her a pep talk, saying how hot she is. She went to leave, but agreed to stay and start watching the movie with him until Ben got back. He ended up falling asleep and dreaming about Lydia until Ben came home and woke him up. ("Hot Water")



He has an obvious crush on Lydia, Ben's mom. He's had a crush on her since 10th grade. He actually stole a tennis dress that he liked seeing her wear. ("Hot Water")


Ben BarnesEdit

Ted and Ben have been friends since high school. They are both into nerdier things, like Lord of the Rings and Planet of the Apes, so that's what they indulged in when they were together.

Notes and TriviaEdit


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