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Yours, Mine or His?

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Trisha was Oliver's girlfriend who also slept with Ben while they were briefly broken up.


Dating OliverEdit

Trisha dated Oliver for a while. They broke up when Oliver gave her a birthday gift that he'd purchased for an old girlfriend, forgetting that he'd had it personalized.

Sleeping with BenEdit

After breaking up with Oliver, Trisha slept with Ben on his wedding anniversary because he was upset about that and she was upset about her break-up from Oliver.

Cabin TripEdit

Oliver and Trisha got back together when she came to the diner and overheard him saying that she was great, not knowing that he'd seen her reflection in a water glass. Oliver then invited Trisha to go out to the family cabin with him on their trip. While they were there, Oliver discovered a pregnancy test and they speculated over who was pregnant. Both Oliver and Ben panicked about the possibility that it was Trisha's and they didn't know which of them was the father.

The two of them tried to push Trisha into doing something that indicated she wasn't pregnant, like drinking wine, but the truth didn't come out until she said she knew why they were so upset and believed it was because Oliver had found out that she slept with Ben during their break-up. That did upset Oliver, but they were both relieved to learn that she wasn't pregnant.



Oliver BarnesEdit

Trisha dated Oliver for a while until they broke up over a birthday gift he'd given to her that was personalized for a past girlfriend. They got back together briefly and she went to his family's cabin with him.

Ben BarnesEdit

During her brief break-up from Oliver, Trisha slept with Ben. When she and Oliver got back together, they agreed not to mention it to Oliver, but the truth ultimately came out.


Trish is a pastry chef.

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